Good Communication

The art of effective communication, is an important skill for managers and leaders. Communicating is a critical business skill today. Michael Fors of Intel stated it clearly, “We have really bright people who think up incredible things, but if they can’t make their ideas understandable for other people, what good are they? It takes real presentation skills to translate this technology.”

Effective communication means that the message was received and understood. This is what the military radio reply “Roger” means, ‘your message has been received and understood.” Being able to communicate effectively is critical for managers, and the responsibility with ensuring that the message is received and understood lies with the sender, usually a manger. But in American business today, jargon, cliches and business speak get in the way of clear communication.

The tenants of combat are: Shoot, Move and Communicate. That is how important communication is to the task and success in the military, it is a core tenant. The same can be applied to business, business shoots or executes the business plan; moves the product and services to the consumer/user and communicates, within the organization to staff and management, and outside the organization to consumers and the public. Communication is a key component of the triad of business. And the area that many mangers fail, and a failure to communicate is a failure to execute.

Another military method that business leaders can adopt is the B.L.U.F or Bottom Line Up Front. With BLUF, the manger cuts right to the important part of the message, what action must be accomplished or has been accomplished and the impact.
Too much business communication is done via email, a great communication tool that is too often misused, causing more miscommunication SNAFUs or Situation Normal, All Fouled Up.

Stephanie Vozza, @StephanieVozza at Entrepreneur magazine has a good post on effective email communication at

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