Managing your social media marketing

Managing your social media marketing. I recently completed the social media management course at Hoot Suite U. and completed the certification test for the Hoot Suite Social Media Dashboard. In today’s marketing environment, businesses have to be online or in decline. Traditional marketing mediums are still an important component of the marketing mix, and build credibility and position, but if you do not have an online component to your marketing, you will not be found. 
The marketing model online is different than conventional promotional model. Conventional promotion, advertising, is what Seth Godin refers to as interruption marketing. This model does not work online, only .1%of online ads get any interaction. In fact, the online advertising interruption model harms the brand, annoying web consumers. When a consumer is on the web, they are trying to find something, that pop-up advertisement just interrupted their search. Consumers are use to interruption advertising on television, radio and print, but the advertisements are times appropriately in those mediums. The online pop-up ad interrupting the consumer’s search is the equivalent of network television cutting away to a commercial during a football game just as the quarterback launches a Hail Mary pass.
Online marketing is about informing, educating and entertaining the consumer, or as Jay Baer calls it in his new book, “Youtility“, being transparent, helpful and useful. Creating and publishing great content about your market, will inform and educate consumers. When they reach that point in the funnel to make a purchase, your helpful marketing at the zero moment of truth will trigger the purchase decision at the first moment of truth.
In online marketing, content is the king, and conversation is the queen. You provide great content, users will consumer, respond, react, reply, repost, retweet. Online marketing is about getting a good conversation going, from marketer to consumer, from consumer to marketer and from consumer to consumer. The tools for online content marketing are the social media channels, fronted by the big 4, Facebook, Linked In, You Tube, and Twitter. HootSuite is a tool for marketers and content managers to create, organize, schedule, track, talk and measure marketing campaigns. Hoot Suite U. is an affordable and helpful online resource for the marketing staff to get educated on using Hoot Suite and from there using it to market successfully online through social media channels.

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