The two tools for a blog

There are two tools for a blog, a platform and content. You need a blog platform to publish on and content, good content to publish.
There are several good platforms for setting up your blog, Blogger, Tumblr, Typepad and WordPress and more. NextWeb has a great article by Jon Russell comparing 15 blog platforms for more info on the pros and cons of each blog platform. WordPress has two flavors: and is simple and fast to set up and start blogging. The blog is set up and hosted at, so the blog URL would be This is a great platform for setting up and starting your blog, but the traffic goes to runs on the same platform as the dot-com, but you have to download, set up and host the platform on your web server. It is a bit more work to set up, but the URL is yours, www.your or whatever name you choose and all the traffic comes to your website. Jeff Bullas has a great ‘how-to’ for setting up your hosted WordPress blog. WordPress has an intuitive back office to create and manager posts, users, comments on your blog. There are also thousands of plug-ins, add-ons and templates available from third party vendors to customize and commercialize your blog.

With the blog platform set up, it is time to publish content. Determine your lane, your niche, your voice and start to build a library of blog posts for publishing. When you begin blogging. you begin publishing, and should follow publishing principles, adapted for digital. There are some great tools to help you manage, and schedule your postings. Hubspot has an editorial calendar template and so does the brilliant author of Social Media Marketing tips, Andrew McCarthy that can be downloaded here. Creating, and scheduling content for the blog is vital part of a successful blog and building an audience and smart publishers user tools and publishing methods to be successful.

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